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Some The Best NBA Basketball Players of The New 2013-2014 Season

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Some The Best NBA Basketball Players of The New 2013-2014 Season

I am going to talk about some of the best NBA basketball players of 2013. Every year there is a turnover of basketball players in the NBA. Older players retire, and brand new rookies enter the league. Often the veterans don’t want to quit playing NBA basketball. But father time catches up with us all. Playing professional basketball in the NBA is definitely a young mans game. Guys enter the league as young as 19 years old. And by the time that they are age 35, most players have retired.

Lebron James and Kevin Durant Lead The Way

This season 2013-2014, has Lebron James and Kevin Durant as the top two players in the league. But they are being challenged by the quietly spectacular play of Chris Paul. On November 20th playing against an NBA game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Chris Paul broke a Magic Johnson record that has stood since the early 1990′s. Chris Paul finished the game with 20 points and 11 assists, for his 12th straight double-double to open the season, breaking Magic Johnson’s previous mark of 11 straight, set in 1990-91.

Curry and Thompson Are Notable

The efficiency with which Chris Paul is starting this season has him rated above Lebron James and Kevin Durant in some fantasy basketball rankings. Another NBA player who is rising in stature these days in the NBA ranks is Klay Thompson. There is some NBA chatter about whether he can keep up his torridly hot shooting. And more talk about whether he is really a top 5 point shooting in the NBA, or will his hot shooting eventually cool off?

His point guard team mate Stephen Curry is seemingly often hurt. But when these two have been healthy they have played well for the most part this season. As far as Klay Thompson’s game, well he is a jump shooter and they won’t always fall. He will have a bad game from time to time but he always bounces back to a high level of play.

Anthony Davis Is Potentially Awesome!

Another young player that is making his mark on the NBA this season is second year player Anthony Davis. Davis was selected first overall in the 2012 NBA Draft by the New Orleans Hornets, now named the Pelicans. Anthony Davis in only his second year is averaging 20.7 points, 11 rebounds, 1.9 steals and 3.9 blocks a game! Clearly he is still very young and has to get stronger and gain more weight. Besides that he has still a lot to learn about the NBA game but his results so far are really stunning.

Anthony Davis is quietly becoming one of the leagues best big men. Lets take a look at his statistical numbers by comparing them to Tim Duncan stats, who was also a number one pick at the same position drafted back in 1997-1998. Duncan is playing in his 16th season in the league now. He has won two MVP awards, and four NBA championships. He also has three Finals MVP’s and has been an All-Star 14 times. So Tim Duncan is clearly great player.

Davis Better Than Duncan in Steals Blocks Free Throw Percentage

In his second season Tim Duncan averaged 21.7 11.4 rebounds, .9 steals and 2.5 shot blocks. In contrast the scoring average is less than a full points difference between them. The same result is found with rebounding. Where it gets interesting is the steals, and shot blocks, where Anthony is clearly stronger. He’s stronger at the free throw line as well, which is significant, when you think about all of the free throws these guys are going to shoot in a career.

Tim Duncan has a career average of shooting .693 from the line. Anthony Davis is starting out his career shooting .775. Another significant factor is that Anthony Davis is still only 20 years old, and is still younger than Duncan was in his first season. I’ve said all of this to point out the fact that Anthony Davis may become one of the best big men that the NBA has ever seen. Clearly Tim Duncan has been great, and Davis is starting out at a younger age with overall better stats than Tim Duncan. Whether he becomes the winner that Duncan has been is another subject entirely.

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